Holiday Seasons always evoke a sense of familiarity, we want to be close to our family and friends. Imagine, the perfect dinner, caroling or opening of presents and reminiscing with visiting family as the 2017 Holiday Season begins. Then just as quick, the reality of the “to-do” list hits us like a ton of bricks. Everyone is coming to visit MY house and then the whirlwind of what I need to get done hit me.

The list is endless, decorations to buy, food to make, rooms to clean, new sheets and linens, stock the guest bathroom, thorough cleaning, but don’t forget the outside. Everyone wants to give a good first impression even if it’s for family who lives far away. The outside of your home is the first thing anyone sees when they stop over and creating that glowing memory.

The pro’s at License to Wash can save you time and ultimately money by taking care of all the outside cleaning jobs such as the roof, driveway, lanai, patio, deck, pool enclosure, and even some of the outdoor furniture. They have the proper tools, commercial cleaners, and the industry knowledge that allows them to tackle the toughest jobs.

1. It saves you time this holiday season.

With all you have going on, diy pressure washing is probably the last thing on your mind, but your home’s exterior is the first thing your guests will see. Pressure washing your homes’ exterior will help get rid of the green mildew, algae, and pollen left behind from the summer. It ceases the development of mold and helps keep pests out of the home. The streaks on your roof won’t need to be accented by the twinkling lights! In fact, they can use products that help extend the roof life.

2. No Zoro Marks.

A professional Pressure Washer will not leave behind, what we call, “Zoro” marks, which are left behind when the wrong nozzle is used on the house or sidewalk. The use of low pressure washing ensures that the area does not remind you of growing up in the snowy north, no there aren’t any names left behind. Instead the area is bright and clean and even captures little pieces of light magic when you flip the switch to show off your light display.

3. Pressure varies.

Pressure variances are very important when washing stucco home exteriors, pool enclosures, even driveways and sidewalks, their surfaces cannot withstand the full force of a pressure washer. Professional pressure washings services understand these variances, and have the required tools to ensure that your home looks it best for a very long time.
When you are making your lists and checking them twice this holiday season, don’t forget to add pressure cleaning, and remember it is for more than just the home. Here are some of the other items pressure washing services work great on:

o Fencing
o Roofs
o Garage Door
o Driveways
o Sidewalks
o Decorative Signs & Statues
o Retaining Walls
o Decks, benches, swimming pools

License to Wash is Marion County’s premiere pressure washing company servicing both residential and commercial properties. We work with both residential and commercial properties and will gladly give you pressure washing prices.